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Words that last forever

As a Celebrant, Founder of The Birds & The Bees, I will create your unique Ceremony based on your story in the way you want it delivered. There are no rules in Love and no rules as to how you say or deliver your Vows.  This is a truly unique concept to have your Ceremony vows created on Vinyl and your favourite photo's designed into your protective sleeve.

This will never end up in the back of a drawer

If you love vinyl then this is for you. If you've never owned Vinyl then now is your chance to start - you wont look back! 

You can either have the words printed into the centre piece of your favorite record so you can dance away and truly remember those promises made to each other. Perhaps you you have the recording from your Ceremony ? We could try and press this into an actual record so you can play this over and over again and hand down to family members. 

Make it part of your unique Ceremony

The Birds & Bees make their own music, so do you. Your Ceremony is unique to you so why not treasure it truly with the rest of your music collection. This can be purchased as an add on to your Ceremony package.

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